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Klouds Whisper
Klouds Whisper
Klouds Whisper
Klouds Whisper

Klouds Whisper


    This sensible design features hidden velcro style closure that opens completely, ensuring easy entry when you're on the go.

    Made from premium genuine leather, Whisper is extremely comfortable against the skin, perfect for when you find yourself on your feet for most of the day.

    With a wide toe box designed with stretch leather, Whisper accommodates wearers with bunions, hammertoes or other foot concerns that require extra forefoot room.

    Feel sophisticated and comfortable with Whisper, who looks great when styled with fitted pressed pants and your favourite coat.

    • Whisper is orthotic friendly and features a complimentary forefoot insole making this style suitable for full and 3/4 insoles.
    • Lightweight rubber sole helps to prevent foot fatigue and increase traction, keeping you stable and reducing the risk of slipping.
    • Extra wide fit accommodates wearers with a wider set foot.


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