Call into our store for caring professional shoe fitting for people with problem feet. Now taking appointments for Healing Lomi Lomi Massage .

Foot & Hand Care

As a Foot Carer Frank, trims nails, removes callous and corns, monitors, maintains and massages feet.

Frank specialises in Biomechanics assisting clients to achieve correct alignment in posture and gait. Solutions may include appropriate footwear that is correctly fitted by experienced staff, Orthotics or both.

At the Foot Man we use high quality off the shelf Orthotics, we feel they are just as effective and Frank adjusts them on the spot to achieve the best results, there are many different orthotics available with starting price of $65.00 in preference to the expensive custom made variety.

Sore feet, ankle, knee and lower back pain may be some of the symptoms  a person can be experiencing if the feet are misaligned. 

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