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The ancient healing art of Reflexology has been known to man for many thousand of years, it was first practiced by early Chinese and ancient Egyptian people. Reflexology is the science that deals with the principle that there are reflex points in the hands and feet that correspond with all glands, organs and all parts of the body.

A Reflexologist uses specific thumb and finger techniques and can detect, congestion or tension in the feet, which mirrors imbalances and blockages in the body, for example, on the left foot, the tip of the big toe corresponds to the brain’s left hemisphere.

The practitioner is only the vehicle to stimulate the clients healing potential. Many health problems in the body can usually be detected in the corresponding area of the foot. Reflexologists do not diagnose, prescribe or treat specific conditions, but work on the 'whole' person, with the object of encouraging a state of well being, balance and harmony.

Reflexology dates back to ancient Egypt

Reflexology is a complementary therapy in that it works alongside other medical and therapeutic techniques.

Treatment for foot problems such as corns, calluses, bunions and ingrown toenails is not in the scope of practice of a reflexologist, but Frank, as a Foot Carer is able to assist with many of these conditions, referring to a Podiatrist if beyond his scope of practice. 

Reflexology helps relieve stress and tension, improves blood and nerve supply and helps to normalise the body.

Following disease, injury or stress, the body is in a state of imbalance and vital energy pathways are blocked, preventing the body from functioning effectively.

The Footman Natural Therapies - Reflexology

Sensitive trained hands can detect tiny deposits and imbalances in the feet, and by working on these points the reflexologist can release these blockages and restore the free flow of energy to the whole body. Tensions are eased and circulation and elimination is improved.

Reflexology is extremely effective in stimulating the healing response in people of all ages, it is a safe gentle therapy that can bring relief to a wide range of acute and chronic conditions such as:

Back pain, Stiff neck, Sinus problems, Insomnia, Constipation, Asthma, High Blood Pressure, Digestive disturbances, Circulation problems, Migraines, Headaches, PMT and Menopausal symptoms.

One of the most important benefits of reflexology is its effectiveness in reducing stress. Approximately 70% of disorders can be related to stress and nerve tension. All parts of the body receive nerve supply from the spine, abnormal tension leads to tightening of the muscles resulting in pain. When tension is relaxed, the muscles and blood vessels are relaxed, reducing vascular constriction allowing circulation to flow freely, this allows necessary oxygen and nutrients to all the body tissue and organs, this in turn helps to cleanse the body of toxins and impurities.

A typical session lasts approximately one hour. The practitioner relaxes the feet with gentle massage, and then works on the reflex points. Practitioners are well used to handling feet and apply sufficient pressure, so as not to tickle, there may be some discomfort in some places, but it passes quickly, this is an indication of congestion or imbalance in a corresponding part of the body. Mostly the sensation is pleasant and soothing. Reflexology will relax you, while stimulating the bodies own healing mechanisms. Reflexology is not invasive as the client only has to remove their footwear.

Reflexology reaches the receiver on many levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual with results different for every person.

After the first treatment or two you may respond in a very definite way, either you may have a feeling of well being, you may feel lethargic, nauseous or tearful, but this is only temporary. It is vital information for Reflexologists, as it shows how your body responds to treatment.

Once your body is in tune it is wise to have regular treatments in order to help maintain health and well being.


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